Technological Double Standard

We live in a world, surrounded by technology. We all have the latest iPhone, iPad, tablet, laptop and smart TV. We live and breath technology and are willing to line the streets for days out front of an Apple store before the latest gadget is released. So why do we question technology in our food supply?

For centuries, farmers have utilized technology to crossbreed crops and livestock to select for desirable traits. Over the course of years and years of the same cross does the producer finally see consistent traits appear within that breed of wheat or corn or cattle. It takes years to see these results with traditional breeding methods.

Today, genes can be isolated specifically within the DNA of one organism and then inserted into the DNA of another organism. For example, scientists are able to isolate the DNA that makes certain plants extremely drought resistant and are then able to insert that gene into the DNA of, for example, a corn variety. Traditionally this would’ve been bred into that corn variety, but it would’ve taken years to see the same consistent results that we can now see thanks to GMO technology.

This simply allows farmers to produce more food with fewer natural resources. The world is growing, rapidly. With a world population of more than 7 billion now and it projected to reach 9 billion by the year 2050. We aren’t going to be getting more land to grow the food to feed the world. Therefore, we need to adapt technological advancements in order to feed the world safely and efficiently.


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